Elva the Eco Dragon manual

  • Manual Spanish version here.
  • Important: the game is now in English, Spanish, and Japanese.

Configuration menu.


This is the menu for the configuration of the game. Important to know:

  • Restart game: restarts all parameters of the game, levels, etc. Steam data not affected.
  • Control Camera forward Elva: by default is on. Elva follows the camera while walking or flying. Perfect with the pad, but also with the mouse/keyboard. Off: you can move Elva independently of the camera. We recommend on for the pad.

Detail of the Interactive Tutorial.

Elva, The Eco Dragon is a game of minigames focused on ecology for children, youth and to be enjoyed in family. The first version of the game includes a set of minigames that will be expanded in the future. Here we are going to see the main minigames included in the game.

Very important: Elva The Eco Dragon includes an interactive tutorial that the players can play in the game as many times as they want. The tutorial includes text and images to perfectly explain how to play.

Another important thing: this is a game for children and youth. Of course, we’ll be happy watching all the family playing, because the main objective of the game is enjoying a time learning to clean the Earth, and also the space and the Moon.

Controller: keyboard and mouse, and Xbox One and PS4 pads. Nintendo controls also available (Joy Con & Controller Pro). For Nintendo the game can be played with or without TV.

The game is being released on Xbox One/S/X and Mac. Very soon on iOS and Nintendo Switch (final tests are in progress).

Keyboard control

Xbox One Pad control (also available PS4)

Nintendo Switch control

Radar icons

The 2D radar is always over the monitor, and shows where different elements of the game are placed with symbols. At the bottom over the right portion of the monitor you can find a map where you can see yourself in the middle, and important elements near of you with the same symbols. These elements are:


Recycle waste.

This waste must be recycled. The big ones will go directly to a transport (ship, airplane, zeppelin). The small ones will have to be recycled by you in a recycling depot (see below).


Radioactive waste.

Radioactive waste is very dangerous. When a piece of this waste appears, Captain Cat will inform you and will indicate where to go to clean this dangerous hazard. Remember: while the waste is there, you’ll lose points!


Yellow dot.

Yellow dot indicates a person that carries something that is not recyclable, usually plastic bags. You’ll have to touch that person, and the plastic will be modified into paper. But remember: you’ll need to plant trees to get paper before (explained below).


Green dot.

A person that is carrying papers and not plastics.


Red dot.

A person that has been infected by a virus or bacteria. You’ll have to touch them to be healed. For that you’ll need to get some medicinal plants first, plants that can be transformed into medicines.


PowerUp Trees.

The powerup “Trees” is symbolized by the Elva icon. With this powerup you’ll be able to plant trees, and for every tree you’ll get paper bags that you can give to people in exchange of their plastic bags.


PowerUp 2X.

This powerup will multiply by 2 all the Ecopoints you can get for a while. Find it and every time you clear and recycle trash and debris you’ll get double points.


PowerUp CutTrees.

This powerup must be found quickly, because it finds trees planted and eliminates them. So, when you receive some info about this powerup find it and touch it, so it will disappear.


Priority debris.

Priority debris should be found quickly. Captain Cat won’t tell you where the priority debris is, but you can use the radar with the red exclamation sign and get many, many points.


Clean virus and bacteria.

Virus and bacterias can be dangerous not only to humans but to animals and plants. Cleaning our houses and our ecosystems where we live is critical. You’ll see that this virus are quite big. you’ll have to eat them to avoid hurting people.

Main menus


Pause menu and config menu

While playing you can always access the pause menu and the config menu.


Main menu

The main menu gives you access to all the features of the game. We recommend starting with the Interactive Tutorial. That’s what we are going to explain here.

There are the challenges you’ll have to face in the game
The help window allows you to see the keyboard and pad configuration

The interactive tutorial in detail

The interactive tutorial allows the players to learn how to play with a dynamic guide. We have also added some images to explain in detail the game.

Remember: this is a game of minigames that can be played separately or together. We are adding new minigames, and will be added here too.

Elva is born, now you can help her clean the world

When the game starts, Elva is ready to clean the world. The first work is to clean big debris that are scattered everywhere. When playing a normal game, new debris will fall from the balloon that is controlled by Benny the dog and other characters that will appear. The radar above will indicate where the debris is placed. The radar also gives information about people (red, yellow, green dots) and viruses (a virus).

Debris ready, you must just touch it

Big arrows will indicate where is the debris you must clean. You only need to touch the debris. Automatically the debris will start to rise and will be sent to the ship that is near. This ship will contain all the debris to process and recycle.

And the leaf below? While you are cleaning the area, the leaf will start to grow and will go back to life again.

Debris at sea

Elva can swim of course (and fly), and here you can see her after a debris has been touched by her. The debris is being sent to the ship. Be careful: some debris must be dangerous (radioactive for example). When this debris is present you’ll lose points. Captain Cat (below to the left) will indicate where to find it.

Time to recycle little objets

You will find little objets that must be recycled by yourself. Touch the debris and you’ll transport it to the waste container.

Transporting debris to be recycled

Ok, we have the debris, we must find a waste container, a recycle depot. But be careful: you must select the right container to recycle.

Good, you have chosen the right container

When you choose the right container, the debris will be included in that container.

Another debris that must go to the right container

Don’t worry, if you fail to choose the right container you can try again.

And yet another debris, paper, that must go to the right container

Some one threw paper, but you are here to solve the problem by recycling.

Powerups are available, for example, the tree generator

Planting trees is an important feature of the game. You’ll have to create forests. How can you create trees? By cleaning debris, sometimes a tree will appear. But the most important way is with the Tree Powerup. When touched, you’ll be granted with trees you can generate. Just move where you can plant the tree and click “T” or “B” on the pad and the tree will be created.

Be careful: sometimes will appear a saw that will cut the trees. You must be fast and touch the saw to avoid losing trees.

Planting trees

The trees will appear and will grow magically. Create your own forest and it be full of animals soon.

People are carrying plastic bags, and that’s a big problem

People goes from here to there and they can’t see Elva. Remember: Elva is a magical being, only you can see her. They carry plastic bags, and that’s a very important problem.

Elva just touched this man, now he carries paper bags

Go to the people, touch them, and magically their plastic bags will be changed into paper bags, while they enjoy the change.

Viruses are a very dangerous threat for people. Virus are invisible, but not for Elva

Viruses are very small, and very dangerous. No one can see them in the street. But Elva can. When you find virus, touch them and they will be destroyed. And remember: if a person is walking and touches a virus, he or she will become ill. You’ll have to touch that person to be healthy again.

Ummmh… lots of viruses here

This ends the tutorial, but here you have seen some of the elements of the game. And new elements are being included right now.


When the game ends, you can see the ship (or the airplane in other areas) leaving the area with the debris. Good work!

Score window

Every time you finish a game this window will inform you about how you worked cleaning the area, and the time needed.

Version 2.0.

Version 2.0 includes a lot of new features and enhancements. Maybe the most important features are: Superpowers (Ecopowers) and the Space Debris Area and Climate Change new area. We include videos with this features here.